Rainy day

Another rainy day yesterday, and I took the opportunity to venture out into the hills surrounding my home to take some photographs. The weather was perfectly suited to black and white, and I captured a few that I like, which are now available at the bottom of the "Photos" page on this website.


I have always loved these hills, and now now they are especially appealing because the recent rains have blanketed them with new growth. Usually dry, brown, and vulnerable to brush fires, these hills are now damp and green—the grass, shrubs and few oak trees having drawn in the moisture that nature has left them.


Strange that so few people are out and about during times like this. I was approached by only one: a middle-aged woman who saw me squatting for a photograph, and after I was done looked at my subject and said: "You're right; that IS beautiful!"


Funny how it sometimes takes a photographer to show others beauty where they had not previously seen it.

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