Norm is a consummate professional and easily the most talented graphic designer I've ever worked with. What's more, he is also the easiest to get along with.

– Paul Dailey, Product & Technical Sales Manager at AEE Solar


I have had the pleasure to work with Norm for many years. His calm, considerate nature combined with his immense talent and skill level made him an indispensable member of our creative teams. Having worked with him first at St.Ives then Nexxus, I can say that I've never worked with anyone with such a variety of top-notch technical and creative capabilities, ranging from graphic design and illustration to amazing transformational photo retouching of models, and video editing. Norm helped our small teams achieve big results in short periods of time. Not only did he help elevate the work we did to the next level, he helped make them enjoyable along the way. I would be delighted to work with Norm again someday.

– Mark Sherman, Creative Director, Brand Development


Norm Nason remains calm, patient and kind when besieged by multitudes of "urgent" requests for graphic designs from collateral to booth graphics to technical bulletins. He is a magnificent cross-functional team player. And his work is spot-on. He always makes your ideas look better!

Ann Rebentisch, CMP, CMM


Norm Nason is one of the world's greatest and most talented illustrators of scientific ideas. His graphics don't just illustrate science, they explain science. And most importantly—they look great!

– Johnjoe McFadden, Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Surrey


Norm was a talented, hard-working manager whose artistic skills were as good or better than any of the people he managed. The words I would use to describe him were likable, honest, hard-working, professional, and talented.

– Scott Yollis, Certified Facility Manager


Norm, thank you fur a superb design job—this book [Sergei Bongart] is a beauty!

– Mary Balcomb, author


Such artistic versatility! In addition to the beautiful paintings and drawings displayed on your site, your photographs are equally impressive.

– Glenn Post, Structural CAD Drafter


Norm, I'm really impressed—both by your depth of interest in science and the bigger questions in life, as well as your service to it. I'm sure the world of science would be much better off if there were a few more like you around. I'm also deeply impressed by your web site and art. You've obviously got real talent.

– Peter Lynds, Independent Researcher, Physics


Wow! Your [photo retouch] work is simply amazing! Truly stunning...awesome! I have shown several of my friends your photos and they are in awe of your ability to make the photos look so beautiful!

– Vani Gundara, Graphic Artist


Norm, I just now went through your website, and am overcome with the beauty of it.

– Robert Balcomb, Photographer


Your website is the best on the internet.

– Max Turner, Artist

As a Photoshop artisan and master craftsman, Norm Nason transforms my photographs from average to spectacular. The metamorphosis on models is especially remarkable. Norm's talents as a designer are exceptional as well. He consistently delivers the highest quality product that succeeds visually, without sacrificing the ever-present needs of commerce; always a delicate balance in our profession. I've been lucky to see another side of Norm, the pure artisan. His portfolio of oils, books, sketches and drawings (including treasured likenesses of my children) exhibits a true talent and with a gifted artistic vision that translates into all his work and everyday life.

– Bob Craig, Art Director


Funny, but it wasn't until transitioning from adult film star and writing my autobiography—Lights, Camera, Sex!—that I began paying attention to artists and their work, their labors of love. I've since had the pleasure of checking out Norm's oh-so-artistic website. My favorite area is the section of photographs. I loved seeing people and objects through his eyes. Just a simple photograph brought out emotions in me—simply from the way it was positioned, the lighting or background. After an hour of searching Norm's site I finally decided that it was time for me to check out the Getty Museum. Thank you, Norm, for all the wonderful work you are sharing with us.

– Christy Canyon


Norm, I love your drawings. You have a great eye for beauty.

– Steve Grand, Cognitive Scientist and Author


Norm, your work is really impressive and in good taste.

– Mort Lindsey, Composer and Conductor


Your drawings and paintings and design work are top-notch. It is simply not fair that all that talent is stuffed into one human being. Thank you for being such an inspiration. You truly are!

– Susan Edelman, Senior Graphic Designer


Norm, your work is superb!

– Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., Life Extension Researcher, Cambridge University


I just finished reading your new article called "On Drawing," and it is beyond a doubt the best explanation of drawing that I have ever read. It is also a magnificent, valuable tool for all who are serious at any level of experience.

– Larry Bees, Artist


I explored your website and admired your work. Then I read "On Drawing" from start to finish and I was blown away! Great stuff!

– Steven Lehar, Ph.D., Researcher, Cognitive and Neural Systems


Norm, it's good to know there are still people like you in the world.

– Patrice Passarelli


I always enjoy looking at your work. Very inspiring. Of all the teachers I studies with in the "Reilly approach," I've always loved your head drawings and the way you do figure "lay-ins" very loosely, almost like you're holding a brush.

– Adrean Gonzalez, Artist


I just wanted to tell you that those 15 pages "On Drawing" are the best, most concise drawing manual I've ever read. And whenever I teach a head or figure drawing class I bring out the prints of your drawings you gave me when I was visiting back in California.

– Monte Rogers, Fine Artist