Favorite television & radio

Favorite Television


30 Something


Star Trek, Next Generation (especially the season 5 episode called "The Inner Light")

Northern Exposure

The Outer Limits

The Twilight Zone

Saturday Night Live

Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street


Monte Python's Flying Circus

Faulty Towers

Two Thousand Acres of Sky

News Hour with Jim Lehrer

Huell Howser

Inside the Actor's Studio

Playhouse 90

One Step Beyond


Fractured Fairy Tales

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Sheriff John

Captain Kangaroo

Time Tunnel

Lost in Space

The 21st Century with Walter Cronkite

The Questor Tapes



The Lathe of Heaven

The Office

Mad Men

The OA

Man In The High Castle

Favorite Television (cont'd)

A Year in Provence


Ken Burns documentary: The Civil War

Ken Burns documentary: World War II


James Burke's Connections

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth (PBS mini-series)

Oppenheimer (PBS mini-series)

I, Claudius (PBS mini-series)

The World of Tomorrow (PBS documentary)

The Man From Uncle

The Avengers

The Root of All Evil


My Favorite Martian

The Courtship of Eddie's Father

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Kung Fu

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Fugitive


The Real World (first season only)

The Soupy Sales Show

The Jackie Gleason Show

Bill Moyers Journal

Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul

The Honorable Woman

True Detective

House of Cards



The Night Of

Favorite Radio Programs

NPR (National Public Radio)

     • Morning Edition

     • All Things Considered

     • This American Life

     • A Prairie Home Companion

     • Fresh Air

     • Story Corps

     • Talk of the Nation

     • Car Talk

     • This American Life

     • Day-to-Day

     • Moth Radio Hour

     • This I Believe

Mark & Brian

Sweet Dick Whittington (KGIL)