The following letter was found in an abandoned house, dated February 5, 1920:



Suzie I have been contemplating a visit out to your house. I don't know other I will get to or not. You know I never went away from hope very much & I can't make up my mind but I would sure like to see you. And I hate to go away while Mother feeling so bad. I just stopped writing and called her up but panic talking she is making.


I would like to see your folks and all of you. Do you live close to your Mother? I wish I was close to mine.


Rona's baby will be 1 yr. old the fifth of this month. She sent me his picture he is not very beautiful and she just idolizes him. I'm afraid she will spoil him. She calls him Ralph.


She does not got home very often either. Oh, yes I must tell you about John's Mother you remember her don't you. She lived all alone in her house and a couple of weeks ago on Sun. morning John went over there and found her burned to death. I think it the most horrible thing I ever heard of. He just feels terrible. The flesh was burned all off of her she was not recognizable they said. They had to wrap her in sheets to hold her together. They found her by the breakfast table and they think she burned while eating but they don't know how she caught fire. They found her in time to keep the house from burning.


I think I have wrote every thing I know to tell you. Now be real good and write me along letter soon and tell me all about your selves.


Remember me to the children & to our folks. with lots of love.


I am your true friend




P.S. Needs I took the Flu. I had a pretty serious time of it. I have a very bad cough yet I don't like a little bit. The Flu is very bad here now. Otto Benedict's sister Ines was just married 5 months ago and her man died with this Flu last year. The funeral is this P.M. at New Albany. I am so nervous I can't hit the right key so I will quit.