3 things I have in common with actor Bryan Cranston

I'm a great admirer of the TV series "Breaking Bad" and lead actor Bryan Cranston. He is a fantastic performer who deserves all of the many accolades he has been given. Funny thing, I recently learned that he and I have a few things in common. First, our similar age: I am only four days older than he is. Second, Cranston grew up in Canoga Park, California--and so did I. Although he attended Canoga High School, I attended Chatsworth High, a few miles away. Third, as young boys both Cranston and I occasionally went horseback riding at the infamous Spahn Movie Ranch in the Chatsworth Hills--at the time when Charles Manson and his family lived there. I recall seeing Manson at the ranch, and have read that Cranston saw him as well, although this was before Manson was known to the public as the instigator of the the tragic Tate-Labianca murders. I also recall meeting Donald "Shorty" Shea during that period--a Hollywood stuntman and the ranch caretaker. Shea was allegedly murdered by Manson himself in late August, 1969, and his body not recovered until 1977, nearly a decade after his death.

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