Remembering Curt Vig

Aw shoot. I just learned that I lost a dear friend last Friday. I had known Curtis Vig since grammar school--some 55 years, and although he lived on the other side of the US, we kept in touch through Facebook.

Curt was one of the nicest guys I ever knew; I've never seen him angry or short with anyone. He was also an extremely talented musician and artisan. He could pick up any musical instrument and even if he had never seen it before, he would be playing a tune on it within a few minutes. Flutes, drums, guitars--he could play them all. He had a great singing voice, too. 

Curt was also a wonderful craftsman, as some of his samples below show. He was a master puppeteer, had been on the old TV show called "The Gong Show," and also worked on the original Muppet movie. He was a splendid graphic designer, a maker of refreshing home-made beer, a devoted husband to his wife, Shana, a humorous and deep thinker, and an all-around decent fellow. 

Although I barely remember doing so, Curt used to say that I was the one who taught him to ride a bicycle when we were young boys. It was probably the best thing I've ever done.

Gosh, I sure do miss him!

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